Every year, about two million people undergo background investigations for civilian and military roles for more than 100 federal agencies. The Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) is the primary investigative service provider for the federal government, conducting 95 percent of all background investigations.

In August 2020, ASRC Federal began supporting DCSA’s Case Processing Operations Center (CPOC) contract. The ASRC Federal team brings extensive case processing experience and expertise to integrate people, processes and technology at the Center.

“We’re the first and last line of defense for background investigations,” says Jen Mehall, vice president and general manager for professional support services within the Defense and Intel operating group.

Within the DCSA CPOC contract, the team of nearly 700 employees delivers background investigations, continuous personnel vetting, and adjudications for a variety of federal agencies. They also provide a wide range of solutions including support of the National Background Investigation System (NBIS) implementation, program management, case processing and facility monitoring.

The ASRC Federal team is divided into two business units that tackle background checks from start to finish and in record time… in some cases less than 24 hours. The Case Level Processing (CLP) Team is the first touch in initiating a background investigation. Once the applicant submits an electronic questionnaire, the team gets to work to schedule the investigation in the Government system, which then produces work for other areas of CLP and Item Level Processing (ILP).

Since winning the contract, the ASRC Federal has made several process and technology improvements to solve workload issues. The teams follow strict performance standards and processes to ensure the background investigations are thoroughly conducted in a timely manner. To ensure quality, DSCA CPOC has an oversight committee that focus on technology and policy decisions as well continuously improving the standards and processes used during the investigation process.

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