Supply Chain Management & Logistics

Creating efficient, effective and dynamic supply chains that maximize warfighter capabilities and support mission readiness and sustainment, operational tempo and surge capability.

Supply Chain Management & Logistics

With over 35 years of experience, our team has established itself as a trusted provider of supply chain integration services for the Department of Defense (DoD). Our proprietary Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, synchronizes the full range of supply chain and logistics operations, incorporating predictive analytics for demand planning, sourcing, procurement, and real-time visibility. With accurate demand forecasting and a global network of vendors, ASRC Federal is improving warfighter readiness around the world.

Why ASRC Federal

With accurate demand forecasting and an exceptional team of professionals working together with a global network of vendors, ASRC Federal is improving warfighter capabilities and readiness around the world.

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“We take great pride in our team’s unwavering commitment to supply chain management and logistics for the Department of Defense. Our proprietary ERP system and advanced predictive analytics empower us to synchronize every aspect of the supply chain, contributing to enhancing warfighter readiness on a global scale and making a meaningful impact on our nation’s defense.”

Chris Frye

Senior VP, Supply Chain Management & Logistics

Additional Capabilities

Supply Chain Performance & Delivery

ASRC Federal’s secure supply chain software and solutions provide customers with economies of scale, secure technology and deep expertise to work globally with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), distributors, third-party logistics (3PLs) and transportation partners to orchestrate an integrated and tailored logistics supply chain ecosystem. We have decades of experience delivering supply, maintenance, distribution and engineering support as an integrated package as well as managing previously privatized, complex supply chains.

Global Logistics for Mission Readiness

With expertise in integrated logistics and product support, backed by Lean Six Sigma and Certified Professional Logisticians, we ensure efficient operations and compliance with ISO 9001 standards. Our comprehensive capabilities include program management, global supply chain operations, physical logistics management, and field support representatives providing a seamlessly integrated package of supply, maintenance, distribution and engineering support. Our logistics management software plus decades of experience in sustaining military equipment mean warfighters are always equipped anywhere.


ASRC Federal supports the continued functionality of critical military assets, maximizing their functionality and longevity to keep warfighters going with the equipment they need to succeed. Within our high-end Engineering and rapid Prototyping Center, we support rapid and economical solutions for hard-to-acquire parts, Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and obsolescence issues for Army aviation and weapon systems and address difficult engineering and design issues for the DoD through reprocessing, re-engineering or redesigning services.




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Global Tires Program (GTP): Delivering Tires Efficiently Across the Globe

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ChemPol Program: Enhancing Efficiency in Packaged Petroleum, Oil, and Lubricants Delivery

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