We are a company of leading-edge researchers, technologists and experts working the end-to-end space lifecycle in every domain.  

From NASA’s Artemis 2024 moon mission to DoD’s accelerating investment in space systems, the need for high-end engineering and mission systems support is more important to our country than ever before. At ASRC Federal, we roll up our sleeves to develop the research, bend the metals and test the systems. Then we help finish the job with the launch and on-orbit operations of space systems. Our teams play a critical role in every single stage of the mission including systems engineering, mechanical testing, and program management.

Our agency clients turn to us for research and development, tools and technologies, and talent to help accomplish a variety of space and aviation tasks, be it operating satellites with NOAA or fabricating the Orion space vehicle.

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Supporting the James Webb Space Telescope

Bringing Data to Life for NASA Ames Research Center

Supporting Satellite and Ground Systems for today’s U.S. Space Force

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Want to help power our nation’s next great space missions? Join ASRC Federal’s team of engineers and scientists. Be at the forefront of cutting-edge research and development while enjoying a range of career opportunities. By joining our team of experts, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute to the success of government’s most important missions, from space to base.


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