Infrastructure Operations

We deliver a complete spectrum of operations, maintenance, construction and logistics for our clients at large-scale government facilities, military bases, ranges and laboratories.

Supply Chain Management and Logistics

From safeguarding the delivery of vital medical supplies to equipping military vehicles to maintaining commercial aircraft, we provide reliable and secure supply chain and logistics support. We manage the procurement, tracking and distribution of materials necessary to achieve our federal government’s missions on time using qualified vendors and protected software systems.

Brenton Alexander

“Over the last decade I have been with ASRC Federal, I have had the opportunity to grow professionally and technically. Providing our customer with services in some of the most remote locations on the planet is an exercise in continual problem solving. When our customer is comfortable and confident in the seamless support we deliver, then we know we are providing the maximum benefit to their mission!”

Brenton Alexander

Program Manager, ISS2-GSL

Base Operations & Facility Support

We deliver a complete spectrum of mission-critical range operations and maintenance services for our clients from food services to construction. This includes managing and operating large-scale government facilities, domestic and international defense bases, embassies, testing facilities,
and laboratories.

“I have the greatest job in the world! I get to work with professional teams from the mid-Pacific Ocean and across the United States. They perform some of the most critical mission support roles from launching space vehicles to keeping our country safe through 24/7 surveillance radar availability. To be a part of all the important things our customers are responsible for, is job satisfaction like none other.”

Kevin Smiley

Vice President and General Manager, Facilities and Logistics

Additional Capabilities

Range & Launch Operations

When it comes to serving our clients, safety and reliability is our top priority. Our range and launch operations support specialized testing and launch facilities with services ranging from hazardous material collection to fire safety, to EMS services, to basic security.

Radar/Sensor O&M

Whatever the weather, you can count on our technicians and mechanics to be there. We help clients manage and operate their ground-based radar facilities and deliver services ranging from software upgrades to basic facility services like security and construction.

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Supporting Vital Pilot Training Mission at Vance Air Force Base

Maintaining the Alaska Radar System

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