Engineering Solutions

Harness the power of innovative engineering solutions needed to solve the nation’s most complex operational challenges, ranging from space to defense and beyond.

Systems Engineering & Integration

High-end engineering is in our DNA. ASRC Federal provides mission-focused engineering services across the full-system lifecycle, problem-solving for virtually every engineering discipline. We develop hardware and software that improves platform availability, readiness, and system reliability. Beyond our own engineering solutions, our technology and manufacturing services include training and consultation to ensure you’re getting the ROI while equipping your agency for mission success.

Dave Ziegler

“Every day something special happens in bringing together the best engineering and technologies for our country. You know you’re part of a great team when the contrails from a successful rocket launch are drifting away or a COVID-19 stressed community dons the personal protection equipment your engineers volunteered to additively manufacture and donate.”

Dave Ziegler

Senior Vice President, Defense and Intelligence Sector

Space Operations

From integration and testing of the next generation of U.S. Space Force satellites, to operating weather and crop forecasting satellites, to modernizing the National Air Space Systems, we help our customers unlock the full potential of space.

When it comes to space operations, we do more for our agency clients, like full systems engineering support for more than 25 polar and geostationary satellite programs. From mission concepts to satellite ground operations, to orbital and anomaly analysis, we bring the expertise and reliability necessary to ensure agencies have the most comprehensive space operations support.

David Klein

“We work as a seamless, yet diverse, team alongside a dedicated and highly trained group of government personnel to ensure the safety and security of the United States. Every day, I feel proud to provide launch operations, communications, and operations & maintenance support for our nations satellite missions!”

David Klein

Satellite & Range OM&S Program Senior Director

Additional Capabilities

Manufacturing Services

Our team has the capability and eye for every detail, from small-scale design and production of specialized components, to assembly, integration, and production, to additive manufacturing.

Research & Development

We deliver high-end research and development services that support technologies at all stages, including design, and prototyping.

Flight/Launch & Propulsion Support

Whatever the flight or space mission, we have the engineering and maintenance services necessary to prepare and operate launch facilities, hardware, and spacecraft to ensure a successful launch, on time and everytime.

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Delivering cost efficiencies to the U.S. Air Force

Operating weather satellites for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

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