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Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are voluntary groups that provide our employees the opportunity to collaborate and network with colleagues with common interests, backgrounds and experiences. Our commitment to a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace is an important aspect of the ASRC Federal culture – enabling us to be positioned for success for our employees, shareholders and customers and demonstrates our core values.

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Women’s Impact Network (WIN)
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Military Community (MILCOM) ERG
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Shavondalyn Givens

DE&I, Social Impact and Corporate Giving Director

“With the strong commitment from our leaders and our employees, our team is dedicated to continuing the expansion of our ERG programs. Growing and fostering these ERG communities will enable us to achieve our DE&I goals, which are an integral part of our success as a company.”


Imani Edwards

Trainer, Multicultural ERG Lead

“The Multicultural ERG is an inclusive support system where we promote collaboration and education discussing the unique and amazing backgrounds that make up our diversified ASRC Federal family.”


Rose Kloehn

Senior Proposal Development Analyst, MILCOM ERG Lead 

“MILCOM is a dedicated community fostering the rich diversity within the military. We actively advance an inclusive workplace, leveraging Veterans’ insights to create career opportunities and a supportive network, forging connections and nurturing professional growth for all members.”


Kerry Lawson

Director, Project/Program Manager, Women’s Impact Network (WIN) ERG Lead

“WIN is a community that not only champions women, but all ASRC Federal employees. We have created a space for honest and open dialogue facilitating the opportunity to learn from someone else’s point of view.”


Michael Armour

Program Manager, PRIDE ERG Lead

“The PRIDE ERG champions and celebrates diversity by acknowledging the power that comes from bringing together people with varied backgrounds to share experiences, opportunities, and kinship.”