Case Study Department of Homeland Security

Optimizing Facility Operations for the Plum Island Animal Disease Center


The Plum Island Animal Disease Center (PIADC) is a partnership between the Departments of Homeland Security and Agriculture that works to protect U.S. livestock from the introduction of foreign animal diseases like Foot-and-Mouth Disease or African Swine Fever. The facility does research to improve prevention, detection, response, and recovery to diseases that can threaten livestock health, the economy, and food safety.


The ASRC Federal team was brought on to provide facility operations and maintenance supported services to the Department of Homeland Security in a highly specialized and sensitive environment. Our team helps design, build, repair, operate, and continually improve historical buildings, drainage systems, HVAC, major fuel oil facilities, and roadways as well as equipment and marine transportation assets.

Our Solutions

Our team provides continuous support of the PIADC missions through winter storms and hurricanes.

Oversees the installation and maintenance of at least 49 buildings on 840 acres.

Designs, builds and repairs improved buildings, marine bulkheads, ferry vessels, roads, drainage systems, major fuel oil facilities, and pipelines, as well as 89,000 square yards of paved roadways and 175,000 square yards of unpaved roadways.

Provides continuous support of PIADC missions through winter storms and hurricanes.

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