ASRC Federal is pleased to announce the election of Dr. Pedro Medelius, ASRC Federal Space and Defense Chief Technologist and Chief Scientist, to the National Space Club – Florida Committee (NSCFL) Board of Directors as the Board Chair.

Headquartered on Florida’s Space Coast, the NSCFL is a non-profit corporation composed of passionate individuals representing industry, government, the Department of Defense, regional educational institutions and the public. These individuals share the same mission; increase public awareness of America’s aerospace programs. The NSCFL is one of two regional committees of the National Space Club and Foundation in Washington D.C. with the other located in Huntsville, Alabama.

“I’m passionate about Florida’s Space Coast and the role this area will play in the next chapter of both human space flight and space exploration,” said Medelius. “Having been associated with the National Space Club for nearly nine years, it is an honor to help champion and propel the organization’s mission, focused on education, awareness and comradery of the aerospace industry”.

Dr. Medelius is recognized by NASA and industry associations as a prolific innovator and leader. Medelius has over 30 years of industry experience, including 22 years as a contractor at NASA Kennedy Space Center where he formerly served as deputy program manager for the USTDC contract, providing leadership to a team of 750 scientists, engineers and technicians supporting the Shuttle and Constellation programs. He was awarded the NASA Distinguished Public Service Medal in 2003, the 2007 NASA Exceptional Public Service Medal, and was the first recipient of the prestigious Gold Dollar ACE awarded by the Director of Kennedy Space Center. Dr. Medelius was also inducted into the National Space Club Florida Committee Hall of Fame in December 2014 for demonstrating sustained performance in making significant contributions to enhancing U.S. access to space.

Dr. Medelius has been issued 31 U.S. patents, 27 international patents, and has contributed to the development of over 100 new technologies for NASA.