ASRC Federal was proud to host the U.S. Naval Academy Midshipmen as part of a summer internship program for 2021. ASRC Federal welcomed a group of U.S. Naval Academy (USNA) Midshipmen (MIDN) for three weeks as part of their summer training rotations.

“Our team was privileged to host and mentor these exceptionally talented interns and provide opportunities to further the bright careers of our nation’s future military leaders,” says Jason Nichols, ASRC Federal Defense & Intel group president.

ASRC Federal was honored to be selected to host the midshipmen, who spent time learning new skills and capabilities in the areas of cyber science and mathematics through hands-on experience on various projects designed to align with their current and future areas of study. MIDN Darrien Kramer and Jacob Williams, who specialize in cyber operations, and MIDN Ahmed Baameur and Carson Witt, who specialize in operations research, joined the ASRC Federal team this July.

“The highlight of my internship was getting to know the people who work at ASRC Federal. It was very rewarding to meet the people who commit themselves to ensuring that the AEGIS system is safe and effective for the sailors on deployment,” says Carson Witt. “It provided great perspective and locked in the idea that you do not need to wear the uniform to serve your country and make an impact on real lives. I really appreciate what the ASRC Federal employees do for the Navy and the Department of Defense as a whole.”

During their internship, the midshipmen visited several ASRC Federal contract sites including the U.S. Navy’s Combat Systems Engineering Development Site (CSEDS) in Moorestown, New Jersey. As part of their rotations, they learned about the different role the sites play in military operations.

The midshipmen also gained a unique perspective on ASRC Federal’s relationship commitment to its customers.
“At ASRC Federal, I was exposed to the software development process, and how it comes together to produce an extremely complex system such as the AEGIS weapon system,” says MIDN Ahmed Baameur. ”With so many moving parts, I was definitely overwhelmed, but by the end of the internship I started to realize that these different departments work together in order to move towards the common goal of providing a capable tool to the customer.”

We thank the midshipmen and U.S. Naval Academy for this opportunity and their contributions to further ASRC Federal’s cyber science and mathematics capabilities!

Their visit was part of the USNA Internship Program, which typically offers approximately 120 host opportunities to more than 500 midshipmen each summer. Because of COVID-19, the Summer 2020 Internship Program was on hold. Still facing challenges with impacts of COVID on hosts and on travel, the number of participating interns dropped to a little more than 400 midshipmen for the Summer 2021 program.

These opportunities within federal and military facilities and labs, academic institutions and commercial industry locations are intended to inspire midshipmen by broadening their leadership experiences, developing their critical thinking skills, and deepening their appreciation for practical applications of their academic studies.

2021 ASRC Federal US Naval Academy Midshipmen Interns