NASA’s Kennedy Space Center (KSC), a premier multi-user spaceport, uses research and innovation to support the future of space exploration. Kennedy’s annual Best of KSC Software competition is an employee-driven contest that fosters creativity and enables new discoveries to improve the quality of life on Earth and the exploration of our solar system and beyond.

The 2020 winner of Best of KSC Software was SpecsIntact (SI) 5, which included ASRC Federal employees who work on the Kennedy Infrastructure, Applications and Communications (KIAC) contract. The development team, which is made up of NASA employees, ASRC Federal employees and contractors from across the center, earned this distinction by redesigning the SpecsIntact software. This automated specification management system is used in construction projects worldwide. The upgraded system reduces the time and cost required to produce facility specifications with an easy and intuitive interface that assists with quality control.

“The team is grateful for this recognition. Winning the KSC Software of the Year award gives the team much deserved recognition for their steadfast dedication of providing decades of SpecsIntact support,” says Wanda Bibens, manager of COTS Software Solutions on the KIAC contract.