Today, ASRC Federal announced that it was awarded two contracts from the Defense Health Agency (DHA). ASRC Federal subsidiary, Agile Decision Sciences, was awarded a $73M contract to provide Health Readiness, Policy, and Oversight (HRP&O), and ASRC Federal Cyber received a $30M DHA Enterprise Network Support Services (DENSS) contract to provide security and network support.

“We are grateful to partner with the Defense Health Agency and support their mission to provide for the health of our nation’s servicemembers, veterans and their families,” said Jennifer Felix, president and CEO of ASRC Federal.

Throughout the five-year HRP&O contract, ASRC Federal will provide health readiness, policy and oversight support to the Director, DHA, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, for Health Readiness Programs and Oversight (HRP&O), and the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs, Office of the Assistance Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs.

With the five-year DENSS contract, ASRC Federal will assess and support the information technology (IT) local and wireless network needs that affect healthcare delivery. ASRC Federal will support DHA IT platforms and infrastructure design and deployment, meeting evolving mission needs with just-in-time infrastructure. This includes handling large-scale network designs and deployments for medical networks, maintaining existing infrastructures, and planning for future integrated network engineering support. Additionally, the team will consolidate service infrastructure support functions into a secure single entity under the DHA.