Streamlining Chemical Supply Chain for Military Efficiency

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Serving the DLA Mission

In collaboration with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), ASRC Federal has implemented a comprehensive program aimed at reducing costs and delivery times for packaged petroleum, oil, and lubricants (POLs) along with a vast array of chemicals. This initiative addresses the complex challenges of identifying, procuring, storing, and distributing over 6,000 unique chemicals to military and federal civilian agency locations worldwide. ASRC Federal manages a sophisticated supply chain and logistics system, employing multiple distribution centers across the country to support global requirements.

Global Optimization: Enhancing POL Supply Chain Productivity

ASRC Federal’s logistics specialists play a pivotal role in optimizing the supply chain for packaged POLs and chemicals. Approximately 15,000 monthly orders shipped to 5,000 customers worldwide, the program ensures over 90% of orders are shipped within four business days, with the majority dispatched within two days. Our team’s logistics expertise spans planning, demand forecasting, order processing, procurement, inventory management, quality control, global distribution, and environmental compliance. Our approach includes establishing quality procedures, analyzing inventory, monitoring replenishment schedules, cultivating diverse sources of supply, and instituting hazardous materials management protocols.

Areas of Experience

Warehouse Quality Procedures

Implementation of comprehensive procedures for receipt, inspection, issue, inventory control, storage, shelf-life management, picking, packing, and transportation from warehouses.

Optimized Inventory Planning

Analysis of on-hand inventory, purchase orders, lead times, and safety stock levels to develop and maintain an optimized inventory plan.

Replenishment Schedule Monitoring

Ongoing monitoring of replenishment schedules against performance metrics to facilitate adjustments to inventory policies.

Diverse Supply Chain Management

Cultivation of multiple sources of supply for high-volume or critical chemical and POL commodities.

Environmental Compliance

Establishment of hazardous materials management and environmental compliance procedures to ensure adherence to regulations.


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