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Bringing Data to Life for NASA Ames Research Center


The NASA Ames Research Center conducts critical research and development for the technologies that make NASA missions possible. The Center depends heavily on state-of-the-art IT and requires the necessary data management and analysis systems to accomplish its mission.


The ASRC Federal team was tasked to provide the IT capabilities and expertise in support of applied research, engineering, maintenance, and operations of the NASA Ames Research Center and the overall agency. More recently, with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, our NASA Ames Research Center team supported the COVID-19 High Performance Computing Consortium to help aggregate computing capabilities from the world’s most powerful and advanced computers, allowing researchers to execute complex computational research programs to help fight the virus.

Our Solutions

Through our work, ASRC Federal helped provide NASA scientists with better visualization and insights into data they’ve never been able to access before–helping solve decades-long space and physics challenges.

Helped build a high-performance computing (HPC) based data center that processes dozens of petabytes of data to analyze everything from climate research to COVID-19.

Modular HPC data center takes 91 percent less electricity and 94 percent less water for cooling, saving costs for the Center.

Built a visualization wall of monitors (15 feet high by 40 feet long) that brings data from researchers around the world to life in near-real time.

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