Case Study NASA ACITS 3 & 4

Providing Cloud Services Support to the NASA Enterprise Managed Cloud Computing Agency Program Office


As a leader in information technology research with a focus on supercomputing, networking, and intelligent systems, Ames Research Center conducts critical research and development and develops the enabling technologies that make NASA missions possible.


ASRC Federal Data Solutions is the prime for the NASA Ames Consolidated Information Technology Services (ACITS 3 & 4) contracts providing comprehensive information technology services; including NASA enterprise cloud architecture and governance, cybersecurity, network, and communications systems, application management, scientific computing systems, innovation, and emerging technologies.

Our Solutions

Our team of architects manages the Agency-level enterprise cloud infrastructure, providing a foundation for multiple managed cloud environments specific to agency missions and centers. Our team provides this complex managed cloud capability leveraging AWS, Azure, and is piloting Google Cloud Platform. Our team leverages innovative technologies, like Kion and Aviatrix technologies, enabling NASA EMCC to provide improved governance and rapid network deployment solutions to its internal customers.

Proving NASA Enterprise Cloud Architecture and Governance.

Enabling High-End Computing Capability for high-performance computing. 

Next-Generation Application Platform (NGAP) which provides several mission platforms for NASA Earth Sciences Data. 

Ames Research Center’s Code-AF, winner of the Software of the Year award, for its advanced research in Unmanned Arial Vehicles. 

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