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We’re harnessing AI/ML technologies to better support our customers through machine learning, advanced analytics, and a suite of robust data science tools – while keeping ethics and responsibility at the forefront of innovation.

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Harnessing AI/ML

At ASRC Federal, our machine learning, advanced analytics, and suite of data science tools provide the actionable intelligence needed to solve complex challenges. Our team brings in-depth AI/ML expertise and domain knowledge through decades of hands-on experience in space mission operations and software and systems development.

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“As the AI/ML landscape rapidly develops, we must consider how to build and deploy these powerful mission-focused capabilities in an ethical and safe manner. ASRC Federal believes in a complementary human-machine approach that emphasizes the strengths of both to deliver speed and accuracy at scale for our government customers’ missions.”

Eric Velte

ASRC Federal Chief Technology Officer

Areas of Expertise

Satellite & Launch System Monitoring & Analysis

Our team has extensive domain knowledge of satellite and ground system management and monitoring using AI/ML-enabled tools that can provide dynamic limits to help detect and alert operators to any subtle changes to the behavior of the satellites.

Onboard Instrument Health/Safety Monitoring & Data Processing

We provide insight into instrument health and safety as well as optimizing instrument features – detecting and selecting the optimal performing photodetector to use for data image processing.

Augmented Intelligence Systems

We create systems that augment human operators – capturing domain expert knowledge and autonomously providing key insights based on the system behavior.

Bulk Creation of Synthetic Data

Our team has experience in creating and producing realistic simulations, enabling the bulk creation of synthetic data used to help train machine learning algorithms. This provides new training methodologies for anomaly predictions.

Automated Satellite Data Anomaly Detection

We create efficiencies and improvements to human operators and engineers through processes to simplify data structures from various inputs, reducing noise and automating a once manual process. This allows the operators and engineers more productive time for more mission critical needs.

Our Work

Leveraging AI/ML Technologies to Improve Financial Planning for NOAA

ASRC Federal proudly supports the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) mission by providing technology-driven solutions. Our NOAA FMS contract team of software developers and financial technology professionals worked alongside NOAA National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service (NESDIS) to deploy ASRC Federal’s Advanced Analytics Platform, A2P, as the framework for NOAA’s new Financial Management Data System (FMDS) tool.

One key feature of the FMDS tool is that it uses AI/ML to examine data from prior spending cycles to predict future spending needs. If provided with this information early enough, leaders can make better decisions about how to use and re-distribute funds effectively.

This tool has been so impactful that NESDIS requested it to be rolled out to the entire NOAA budget community. Our team continues to release new features and expand the NOAA user base.

US Geological Survey (USGS) Earth Resources Observation and Science (EROS)

Our scientists use AI/ML and Cloud technologies for efficient and cutting-edge research to document and analyze changes to the Earth’s land areas, across our nation and around the world. EROS researchers utilize a vast database of images of the Earth’s surface acquired by Landsat and other satellites to study land change.

Our AI/ML solutions provide evapotranspiration predictions showing increased risk areas for famine. Our support in advancing the science of land change mapping and monitoring is vital to realizing to mission and vision of EROS Center. Using open-source tools like Python, R, and others helps to strengthen science quality while supporting research and development for land change science.

ASRC Federal AI/ML Tool Proves Instrumental to NOAA GOES-R Satellite Ground System

ASRC Federal developed and deployed an AI/ML tool that identifies calibration issues in near real time – identifying anomalies associated with spacecraft health and safety data before they reach their yellow or red limits thereby lowering risk and increasing operational efficiency.

Our AI/ML Thought Leaders

Our team of leading-edge researchers, technologists, and data scientists develop innovative AI/ML solutions to solve our customer’s most critical challenges.

  • Eric Velte, Chief Technology Officer
  • Kimberly Davis, Vice President Software Apps and Analytics
  • Theresa Cauble, Senior Director, Solutions Architecture
  • Aaron Dant, Expert Data Analysis
  • Phil Feldman Ph.D., Expert Machine Learning Engineer
  • Isaac Passmore, Senior Principal Systems Engineer / Satellite Systems Solution Architect
  • Dr. Zhenping Li, Expert Software Engineer

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