The battlespace is more congested than ever. Decision-makers are drowning in data. Tac-Lambda’s easy-to-use interface integrates essential data into time-sensitive decision chains and provides peerless situational understanding.

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ASRC Federal’s Tac-Lambda is a candidate system for generalized big data analytics. Tac-Lambda is a capability-framework representing an end-to-end data and analytic ecosystem for ingesting, persisting, processing, analyzing and accessing data from heterogeneous sources.
Tac-Lambda provides automated analysis and decision-making support to help you navigate big data analytic problem solving environments.

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Tac-Lambda is a flexible, extensible core framework that enables data analytics on the tactical edge for the purposes of Integrated Decision Support.


Capabilities & Features
  • Big data ingestion and scalable analytics tailored to customer domains
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Advanced data analytics and analysis
  • Natural language processing
  • Predictive models and rules engines
  • Continuous ingestion of multiple data sources of various data types - unstructured, structured, bulk, streaming
  • Computer vision
  • Data cross correlation, information fusion, data analytics - driven by use cases required by operational need
  • Augment existing systems with big data platforms to enhance the ability to store historical data at the tactical edge, enabling autonomous analysis techniques at tactical speeds
  • Threads include systems and sensor efficacy, Condition Based Maintenance (CBM/CBM+), anomaly detection

Eric Velte
Chief Technologist,
ASRC Federal Mission Solutions Division