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Achieving successful mission outcomes requires the right team with a clear vision and the right skills. ASRC Federal has supported the U.S. Air Force for nearly 30 years and has a continued commitment to their future goals and successful mission outcomes.

Overview & Project Highlights

Supporting customers to meet critical mission requirements and helping them overcome challenges have been keys to ASRC Federal’s success. The U.S. Air Force turns to ASRC Federal for research and development, tools and technologies, and talent to help accomplish a variety of mission-critical functions. Our highly skilled team has a clear vision of what it takes to support the innovation and growth of the World’s Greatest Air Force.

Base Operations at Vance Air Force Base

ASRC Federal is responsible for the largest U.S. Air Force Base Operations Services (BOS) contract in the continental United States. The contract provides comprehensive OHM for Vance Air Force Base and Kegelman Auxiliary Airfield and 24/7/365 management of fire protection and fire prevention services at Vance and its related properties.

  • Upgraded electrical distribution grid to improve base resiliency.
  • Warehouse inventory accuracy rate of 99.8%.
  • Enhanced Fire & Emergency Services (F&ES) to improve base safety, including implementing new Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to guide and standardize processes.

Maintaining the Alaska Radar System

ASRC Federal operates and maintains the Alaska Radar System (ARS) including food services, accommodations, fuel management, environmental management, security, and logistical services for Alaska Radar System sites. As the largest cumulative base in the Pacific Air Forces, the system includes 15 long-range radar sites, 3 unattended radio sites, and provides 24/7/365 operations at the Region Air Operations Center. 

  • Delivered success so that the Air Force was able to reinvest in the terrestrial radar platform.
  • O&M program produced long-term system availability exceeding 95 percent uptime rates.
  • Implemented an infrared imaging program to evaluate high voltage electrical connections and reduce the probability of electrical outages, strengthening the overall fire protection program.

Improving Vehicle Operational Capability at Avon Park

ASRC Federal leads logistics and base operations support services at Avon Park Air Force Range (APAFR) by providing and maintaining range facilities/infrastructure, operations and maintenance facilities, aircraft runway, taxiway and aprons, aircraft arresting barriers, vehicle support and munitions storage, facility preventative maintenance, vehicle maintenance and range target complex maintenance.

  • Conducted detailed quality audits, required vehicle licensing of contractors, and brought government and military users into conformance with AFIs.
  • Streamlined the process to document daily inspections and provided training to vehicle control officers and operators to improve vehicle operations and maintenance.
  • Reduced mission costs and loss of time by extending the life expectancy of a 1989 fuel truck through replacement parts.

Flexibility and Support for Agency Partners at Cape Canaveral

ASRC Federal provides critical mission support by maintaining facilities and systems vital to launch vehicle and spacecraft processing at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

  • Reduced costs from O&M without impacting services to increase mission throughput and fund additional upgrades.
  • During COVID-19 shipping delays, ASRC Federal personnel supported the Cape Launch Operations and Infrastructure Services (CLOIS) program by quickly arranging to offload the delayed equipment – saving money in detainment fees and preventing additional delays.

Key Capabilities

The ASRC Federal manages and operates large-scale government facilities, defense bases, testing facilities and laboratories in some of the most challenging environments. Our team combines multiskilled on-site staff backed up by highly skilled, experienced specialists and a robust recruiting and training program to ensure rapid, efficient, and proactive responses to contract needs. 

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Find Your Purpose

ASRC Federal remains committed to supporting our customers’ missions through these challenging times and has a number of open positions. While we are fully operational and continue to recruit amazing talent, we have moved to a virtual recruiting environment, ensuring the safety of our team and qualified candidates.

We invest in our employees, both in and out of the workplace, by providing competitive pay and benefits packages including:

  • Comprehensive health, dental, vision, life and disability insurance
  • Career-oriented education assistance
  • Generous paid time-off benefits

We look forward to joining you on your career journey!

“I have the greatest job in the world! I get to work with professional teams from the mid-Pacific Ocean and across the United States. They perform some of the most critical mission support roles from launching space vehicles to keeping our country safe through 24/7 surveillance radar availability. To be a part of all the important things our customers are responsible for, is job satisfaction like none other.”

Kevin Smiley

Vice President, Facilities and Logistics

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